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Do you need to backup your Seedbox?

Posted by Tomothy Garcia on

It’s easy to lose all your files on the server when it is not connected, especially when the files were not completely downloaded or moved to your PC. Figuring out the best backup strategy will help you save your information in case of anything.  You should always get backups for your Seedbox settings and configurations. The backups on your torrents are done just in case you experience some disk failure or a server failure. There are two ways to back up all your data. The service provider can offer backup service, which do not cover personal downloaded files and you can get your own backup for your personal files. When you are hosting torrents and files, always remember to carry out a backup process of your files because the service provider will not recover any of your lost data in case the hard drive fails.

Some of the main things you should think through when creating a backup for your server are the type of storage and what information you want to back up. If you do not have enough space for bigger backups, you should not worry about backing up you downloaded media files. Instead, you should worry about backing up your configurations and other important things. a cloud based storage can be a good backup storage solution. Some cloud based storages offer enough space to store even the downloaded media files. On the downside, you can face some potential issues when trying to access the backups on the cloud storage. Since the files are large, you will need a fast internet to access them.  Changing the permanent storage box with a bigger spaced one will be a quick but expensive fix to your problems. Your back up solution does not matter as long as you keep your files and configurations safe.


Enjoy Playing Hidden Object Games By Downloading Them To Your Device

Posted by Tomothy Garcia on

Many of us love to play games no matter that we are children or adult. To enhance your skill, you can invest your free time in playing games. Playing game basically depends on how logically you think and focus to continue. When you get a failure in your life you get demoralized. Same is the case when you play any hidden object game andare not able to find the object and get stuck.But there are some tricks that can help you in easing the process. In hidden object games, you have to focus on finding the hidden objects for getting different rewards. You get coins and gifts to enhance more levels in the game. You can download hidden object games to enjoy in your free time.

Different types of games with different levels

Hidden crime – In this game, you will find different things which are used forcommitting crime in the game. It can be murder case and the knife or the gun is hidden. You have to apply your mind to find them. It has different stages with increasing difficulty in each level. It has different episodes like episode 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. which you will have to cross and get reward points.

World treasure – This game provides you an opportunity to find jewelry, gold coins and gems. It also has different stages like other games, by which you can enhance your gaming skills. You can download and play this game in mobile and pc.

Objects collection games – You can download this game and play it in your free time. This game provides you mysteries at certain levels. This game is convenient for everyone to download and play, whenever they want a different and new theme.

Hidden city – It is a very famous game that people play all around the world. This game provides you gaming in an atmosphere which is dark and mixed with the magic of science work. You need to find the hidden objects to win the game.


Food & Beverage

Get The Portable Ice Makers And Enjoy Your Trips

Posted by Tomothy Garcia on

Getting cold drinking water is one of the things that might not be possible if you are going on a camping trip. In order to provide comfort to the customers, many companies have now come up with the portable ice makers. If you are looking for the reviews of different ice makers then you can visit the site, Food Plus Ice.

How portable icemaker works?

Portable icemakers work similar to the refrigerators. They just have an added feature of rotating the tray of ice in it and the compressor freezes water into ice. Then warm refrigeration allows the ice to come out of the tray and get released into the box.

Benefits of portable ice makers

  • No requirement of drainage– you will not get any waste water in these ice makers. The water which is there in the ice maker as a result of melted ice is used again by the ice maker to make ice.
  • Quick ice making – They make ice faster than normal refrigerators within just 10 minutes. It saves lots of time in ice freezing by its fast freezing compressors which simply means no more waiting for ice.
  • Easy operation – Portable icemakers have easy operating controls and they are child friendly too. Making ice in it is very easy just like pouring water in a tank.
  • Occupy less space – They take very less amount of space as compared to the refrigerators used in the kitchen. You can take these portable ice makers in your outdoor parties for keeping juice, cold drinks, cocktails, etc.

Features of portable icemakers

It has many features like it has insulated storage for ice that helps it to not melt soon. You can select the sizes of cubes in it like small, large or medium. It has an LED control screen which is easy to read and makes it easy to operate and has electronic controls for easy use.

Legal & Lawyers

Tips For Claiming Property Tax Deduction

Posted by Tomothy Garcia on

Life is full of financial distress and claiming tax deduction is a boon for people. It is not compulsory to own a house to claim a property tax deduction. It includes every property that you own like a land, cars, boats, co-op apartment, home, etc and anything you’ve paid for. Here are few tips to remember before you claim your deduction-

Maintain the records

Always keep the tax records that you have been paying for your personal property. You can also get a copy of your bill from the local taxing authority. Bills of other movable owned assets are equally important to get reasonable deductions. Use Schedule A to file a return i.e. you have to itemize your taxes instead of taking standard deductions. Keep a check on what IRS (Internal Revenue System) doesn’t allow for deductions, like property that you don’t own, assessment for public properties (streets, sidewalks, parks, etc), service taxes (water, light, etc), transferred taxes after the sale of the house, etc. Rental or commercial properties are not included in personal properties. According to the Internal Revenue System, your personal property includes your primary home, vacation home, land and foreign property.

Get the refunds in the same year

Taxes paid through escrow account of your mortgage can also get tax deduction. In such a situation, your mortgage lender has to remit payments to the taxing authority on your behalf. Get your deductions in the same year you paid the taxes. Due to long procedures of escrow account and mortgages, this might be a complex task but don’t let them fool you with any delay.

Get deduction on rental property 

If you’re renting your vacation home, keep an account for all the activities. Under Section E, rent it for at least 14 days and utmost 15days or 10% of the total rental days for your own use.

Food & Beverage

Choose The Right Of Coffee Maker And Make A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Posted by Tomothy Garcia on

Most of the people start their day with coffee and it gives energy for all day. The coffee lovers can buy the coffee machine which has many features. With the help of coffee machine, you can brewmany cups of coffee in minimum time. Many coffee makers with excellent features are now available in the market. You can check over here the common ones.

Important features of coffee makers

Whenever you consider any coffee machine, you should check all the features and functions so it is convenient for you to operate the machine.

Machine temperatures

If you are going to buya brand new coffee maker then you should consider the machine’s temperature. A machine’s temperature is very important for brewing the coffee. Generally, the coffee is made on 195f to 205f temperature. Ifyougoabove thistemperature then the coffee can burn.For brewingthe beans of coffee, hot water is needed. Temperature of machinematters a lot for good taste of coffee.

Boiling strength

Brewing strength is the intensity of boiling the coffee. You can control the boiling strength according to your needs. The boiling strength allows you to control the potency of coffee flavor. You can make the coffee bold or regular according to your taste.


You should choose the coffee maker which makes the coffee in minimum time. The speed should be fastso that the coffee can be made in a few minutes.

Easy to use

You can get a lot of options in one coffee maker and they are also easy to operate.These coffee makers are self cleaning and you can set the coffee cup according to the requirement. The coffee maker has an automaticoff button so you do not have to worryabout burning the coffee.